Choosing Secret Hotel Critic is choosing improvement for your hotel

"The things we change after Secret Hotel Critic will definitely help customer-retention. This service is a bit like Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell without the swearing!"

Why us

Founded in 2017, Secret Hotel Critic's mission statement is to help as many hotels as possible reach their full potential.

We help hotels with anonymous consulting and social media management. Secret Hotel Critic are a team of enthusiasts based in different continents with strong backgrounds in the hotel industry.

Why Secret Hotel Critic? If you knew who was critiquing your hotel, your staff may, purposely or un-purposely, treat the critic with positive bias. The way we operate means you have no idea which guest is critiquing your hotel or when.

Our critiques are custom to the level and brand of your hotel, although we do have specialise expertise in the luxury and boutique segments. We've helped hotels around the world improve elements of their hotel they had never previously considered.

A few key benefits to our fabulous service are:

- If actions on our feedback are taken, our service is often ROI-positive.
- Get an in-depth and honest review of each element of your hotel.
- Provide valuable feedback to your team.
- Improve your hotel from every perspective.
- Identify strong and weak points in your hotel and your team.
- Improve experience for guests, increasing customer-retention.
- Get an honest point-of-view of your guests.
- Cheaper, and more secret, than flying out one of your executives.
- We identify new potential revenue streams.
- Gain discounts from our partners.

To have every nook and cranny of our hotel analysed from the guest’s perspective by an expert hotelier was invaluable. We have since added new revenue streams, and notably improved on our operations and those important small details.”

“This is a very cool service. I am much more confident in our Hotel now. Is very interesting to see honest opinion on the Hotel as our guests would see it.”