Terms & conditions

Kindly note social media management contracts will act under different terms and conditions, discussed at the time.

Payment and Pricing

P1: Payment fees depend on your location and any specific requirements. The total fee you pay, and how to pay, will be outlined in external communications.
P2: The fee quoted on the relevant webpage is the final amount you pay. There are no further charges, excluding circumstances where payment has not been fully processed, if extra fees occur later in the process, or additional services requiring extra charges are stated.
P3: Payment must be completed using online bank transfer.
P4: You will receive via email a confirmation of your order after payment. Within 16 weeks (unless Secret Hotel Critic are unable to make a reservation due to a fully booked hotel or refurbishments etc.), you will receive your fully completed report accompanied by a receipt of your payment. Secret Hotel Critic are liable to a 100% refund if the report is not completed and sent within the promised time scale (and this can be proven).

Currency Conversions

CC1: Our preferred currency is GBP. If payment is made in another currency, we will absorb any financial losses made in currency exchange, and we will not refund any financial gains made as a result of currency exchange.

Security of payment

SP1: Payment is secured for the purchaser by the intermediary payment company used by Secret Hotel Critic, along with the guarantees outlined in this document which ensure Secret Hotel Critic must deliver the promised service(s) in return for the relevant fee paid (see P4).

Secret Hotel Critic representative secrecy

RS1: Once payment is complete, a Secret Hotel Critic representative will make a reservation in your hotel, without disclosing that they are a representative of Secret Hotel Critic.

Delivery of Service Timeline

DOS1: Payment is processed by the client; Secret Hotel Critic representative books a standard room inconspicuously; within 16 weeks, Secret Hotel Critic’s representative has visited the hotel in question for a minimum of one night; Secret Hotel Critic team compile a comprehensive report; the report is emailed and mailed to the hotel in question; Secret Hotel Critic contact the hotel in question in the following weeks to ask if they received all they required, if they have further questions, or would like to utilise Secret Hotel Critic’s discounted services; end of arrangement.


M1: Secret Hotel Critic or any representatives cannot be held accountable or liable for any spelling or grammatical errors made in any reporting or communication between all parties.
M2: If any identity or hidden communications are mistakenly revealed by Secret Hotel Critic representatives, Secret Hotel Critic cannot be held accountable or liable.
M3: Secret Hotel Critic or its representatives cannot be held accountable for any damaged goods or incidents which occur during the process.
M4: The client will not press legal charges against Secret Hotel Critic unless agreed upon by a Secret Hotel Critic representative.


G1: Secret Hotel Critic cannot guarantee any particular findings, results, data, results or improvements, increased revenue, bookings, guest satisfaction or increased popularity of any format as a result of our service.
G2: Secret Hotel Critic cannot guarantee your report will arrive by mail or email if there is an error with either mail systems which is unavoidable on behalf of Secret Hotel Critic (such as system failures or strikes etc.). Secret Hotel Critic can, however, resend any reports upon request.
G3: Secret Hotel Critic or any representatives cannot be held accountable or liable for the loss of any data, bookings or revenue for the client or their representatives.
G4: Secret Hotel Critic cannot guarantee a minimum length of report, nor can they determine a maximum length. Secret Hotel Critic can, however, guarantee that comments will be made on each section of the report for each client.

Special Requirements

SR1: Any special requirements regarding the service(s) provided, communications between Secret Hotel Critic, their representatives or partners and any clients or their representatives, are welcome and can be submitted to be individually reviewed and responded to. Secret Hotel Critic recommend any special requirements are submitted via email.

Data Protection

DP1: All client personal data will be held by Secret Hotel Critic in password-protected computer document or password-protected cloud-based platform. This will later be destroyed in correspondence with GDPR 2018 laws.
DP2: Secret Hotel Critic representatives are, subject to agreement of this document, allowed to take photographs and/or videos within the grounds of the hotel/client’s property.
DP3: Secret Hotel Critic do have the rights to use or re-sell any imagery or videos taken by representatives of Secret Hotel Critic during a collaboration with any hotel.

Changes in agreement of service

CAS1: If a payment and order is submitted to Secret Hotel Critic, but Secret Hotel Critic are unable to reserve a room within the following 16 weeks due to lack of availability, refurbishments etc., refunds cannot be provided for the delay, and Secret Hotel Critic is responsible for making a reservation as soon as possible. Secret Hotel Critic are also responsible for informing the client of the delay.

Interim Charge Caps

ICC1: Payment must be submitted before we conduct our service, and must be paid in whole via our online platform.
ICC2: No speculative work is allowed.

Service Hours

SH1: No particular service hours are enacted, but responses to communications can be expected between Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 GMT, and responses outside these hours are unlikely.

Data ownership rights

DOR1: Data, including finished reports, shared between Secret Hotel Critic, its representatives, associates, partners, and the customer(s) in question, is owned by both parties. Private information such as passwords, internal information and personal information will, if stores, be kept in a password-protected computer file (as mentioned in section DP1). The report and its contents submitted by Secret Hotel Critic is, once submitted to the customer in question, owned by both Secret Hotel Critic and the customer in question.
DOR2: Although not common practice, Secret Hotel Critic and representatives are legally able to share the name and location of each client/hotel/customer of Secret Hotel Critic. If a client/hotel/customer wishes to remain unknown, the client/hotel/customer in question must request this via email or telephone.

Premature termination and refunds

PTR1: Secret Hotel Critic or any associates do not offer refunds, except when proven that Secret Hotel Critic were unable to provide the agreed upon report in the agreed upon timescale.
PTR2: If a customer submits payment, and is then unable to host Secret Hotel Critic or its associates for whatever reason, Secret Hotel Critic have the right to either cancel and refund the order or complete the order at a later date. In the latter circumstance, Secret Hotel Critic and its representatives are responsible for informing the customer in question of the changes. Failure to do so can, if required, result in a 50% refund of the paid fee.

Concluding details

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to all of the above, and agreeing you will not press any charges against Secret Hotel Critic or its representatives before, during, or after our collaboration. By submitting payment to Secret Hotel Critic, you are also agreeing to the above stated terms and conditions, which are binding with English law.

We look forward to working together. This document is legally binding and was last updated March 2019.
Please address any issues or queries to hellosecrethotelcritic@gmail.com .