FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1.    What is the process?
Enter your details on this page, submit your payment, sit back and relax. Within 16 weeks one of our team will book to stay with you, critique every nook and cranny of your Hotel, and feed back with a constructive and impactful report.

2.    Why would I use The Secret Hotel Critic?
There are many advantages to what we do: you get an in-depth and honest review of each element of your hotel; you can provide valuable feedback to your team; improve your hotel in every area and from every perspective; understand the strong and weak points of your hotel; improve the experience for your guests and increasing customer-retention; get an honest, unbiased review of your hotel; identify issues within your hotel; fill another bed for a night or two; our service is cheaper and more secret/effective than using your own executives; we identify new potential revenue streams for you; you gain discounts on services from our partners.

3.    How do I get a return on my investment?
We outline several ways in which you can get a return on your investment: we outline several potentially revenue-generating areas that most hotels miss; correct adaptions after our report will improve your hotel and subsequent customer-retention; highlight any areas where pricing may be over or under-anticipated; our team member will book a room and use your facilities (inclusive of your fee); you can also gain notable publicity if you include our PR options. Admittedly, some of these are difficult to track, but the feedback you will gather alone is worth our fee.

4.    How do I know I will receive the report, and won’t get my money stolen?
Our terms and conditions (which we both agree to before payment) outline our obligation to our service. Further, you are welcome to review us and see our previous reviews. You also have our business details and pay using our secure system. You are welcome to discuss any queries or concerns you have with us over email or over the phone. Our mission is to be honest, flexible to your demands, and ultimately help your hotel reach its full potential.

5.    Will I be told who The Secret Hotel Critic is in advance? 
No. It’s best for both parties if you do not know who our representative is. This way they receive fair service and can provide the most influential report.

6.    How will you keep The Secret Hotel Critic secret?
You do not know all our representatives, meaning we will book and check-in as regularly as any other guest. We are also discreet in our observations and reporting.

7.    Are there any additional fees?
No, not unless stated otherwise in direct communications with you.

8.    How do I pay?
Online bank transfer.

9.    What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds unless the report does not arrive in your email inbox (the one you provided) within 16 weeks of purchase; in which case a full refund can be provided upon request.

10. Do you have terms and conditions?
Absolutely. Click here to see our terms and conditions. You agree to these before a penny is paid.

11. When will my report arrive, and how will I get it?
Your report will arrive within 16 weeks of your payment. We need to keep this time period broad in order to disclose secrecy, gain affordable rates with you, organise the entire process and report completion.
You will receive the report both by email (to the address you provided upon payment) and in the mail (addressed to the name entered when you submit payment).

12.What does the report contain?
Reports vary depending on the facilities of each hotel, but a typical report contains:

·      Overall score out of 100 based on the report
·      Booking - process ease, perceptions and impressions, reviews
·      Property Exterior
·      Surrounding grounds
·      Reception – staff, checking-in process, friendliness
·      Corridors and communal areas
·      Bedroom – facilities, comfort, cleanliness and tiredness, décor, noise, views
·      Bathroom – facilities, comfort, cleanliness and tiredness, décor
·      Room service - menu, quality and service (where applicable)
·      Dining or bar area (where applicable) – cleanliness, service, price, quality
·      Fitness or health centre (where applicable) – cleanliness, service, quality, facilities, décor, comfort
·      Staff – friendliness, attire, professionalism, helpfulness, efficiency
·      Online presence – website, social media, SEO, competitor comparison
·      Pricing for stay, food & any extras
·      Competition – what are they doing and what you can learn from them?
·      Where and how to improve for each section
·      Concluding comments
·      Images of interest and our provided room
·      Further services we can help you with
We also welcome special requirements

13.Why does it take 16 weeks for my report to arrive?
There are two fundamental reasons. Firstly, we need time to discuss the report in our team and ensure it is as useful and thorough for you as possible. Secondly, we allow several weeks in case you are fully booked, and to increase the secrecy for our representative.

14.My business is based overseas; can you still help?
Absolutely. We have consultants globally to ensure the cost of our service does not increase depending on where you are located.

15.Do you specialise in any particular areas?
No. We cover all elements of your hotel with our years of fine-picking experience in the hotel industry. We understand the diversity of different hotel brands and replicate this in our reports.

16.What partners do you work with?
To help our clients, we have established partners in PR, Social Media Marketing and Management, SEO, web design and other online marketing areas. Through us, you can get 10% off your payment to our partners. At the end of our report, we have more information on this, but for more details, feel free to email us here.