What Makes The Perfect Hotel Lobby?

First impressions are important. Hotel lobbies not only provide the first impressions of your hotel, but they are the centre-stage, the meeting space, and they offer the first taste of escapism guests crave after a day’s travelling. That’s why it’s important your lobby is in tip-top shape, at all times.


The most visual aspect to a lobby is its décor. A lobby is a reflection of your hotel and its rooms, so make sure it’s spotless and inspiring. Not all guests book in advance, and speculative future guests may be in town for a meeting at your hotel - if your lobby is horrible, they won’t stay with you next time they’re in town.
A grand entrance is preferred, and hotel lobbies should be renovated every few years to ensure all furniture, fittings and fashions are fresh and modern.

Facilities and Functionality

A lobby shouldn’t just look pretty, but it should be usable. I write this, coincidentally, while sat in a hotel lobby. As I look up, I see people working, meetings taking place, printing facilities, about 10 Apple Macs for guests to use, umbrellas, a café, comfortable seats, a café, ATM, basic kitchen facilities, a shop, TVs, local information and a water dispenser. They pretty much describe the essentials to a functioning lobby.
Functionality equals guest usage which adds atmosphere and an instantly positive impression for new or perspective guests. Make your lobby a place to be used and enjoyed, not just a place to pass through and pick up your key.

Aroma and Atmosphere

Somebody famous once said that the moment you walk into a Four Seasons, you’re transported into a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This is what you should aim for in the perfect lobby. No matter what stresses you carry as you enter the hotel doors, a perfect lobby will make one relaxed and comfortable.

Further, atmosphere is important. An empty lobby isn’t a good sign. Add some space for people to work, meet, read or even catch up on the news; this will draw guests into the lobby and provide some atmosphere. Make sure there are no irritating drafts, marks of dirt or damage, and ensure the music is appropriate and not too loud. An obvious, but incredibly important element is aroma. People want the smell of luxury they wouldn’t experience anywhere else, not the smell of the streets.

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