4 Ways To Impress Guests With Customer Service

Sometimes, the smallest touches and surprising elements of customer service leave the longest-lasting impressions. It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to ensure your guests’ stay becomes one of their favourites ever. Further, what better way to provoke positive word-of-mouth about your hotel? Below are four ways you can impress guests with your customer service.

Try to ensure all guest-facing staff memorise guests’ names (unless their behaviour has suggested this is not welcome). Calling a guest by their name adds a personalised and welcoming touch to their experience.

Upon booking, ask guests if their stay is for a special occasion. If it is, make sure you welcome them correctly. For example, if it’s an anniversary, surprise them with flowers and chocolates, followed by a free drink in your bar. Lucky guests who receive this service will remember and recommend you forever.

Upon check-in, ask guests what type of pillow they would like. Some guests are allergic to certain feathers, and others simply prefer one pillow type over others. The thought will be appreciated.

Place a card in each room asking guests to tell you how successful their stay was over social media. This is a good way to grow your social media and gain crucial feedback.

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