3 Small Touches To Enhance Guest Stays

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a stay memorable. While we all appreciate grandiose chandeliers and exquisite service, small touches will stick in the mind of guests, encouraging their return.

The local touch

Team up with your local bakery, coffee shop or jewellers and sell (or offer) a selection of products in-house. I am not referring to the placement of Starbucks within Marriott Hotels, here, but your corner bakery which bakes fresh Parisian croissants each morning. Offer guests a complimentary croissant, or sell them in your café. This is a brilliant way to incorporate local authenticity into any international hotel, while simultaneously helping your community.

Decorative touches

Decorative touches rarely go unnoticed, and will put a smile on the face of your more observant guests. By decorative touches, by the way, I am not referring to tinsel at Christmas time. Make a pattern with the end of each toilet roll, make a design with the towels or pillows which looks lush, but unique. The extra effort further bridges the gap between budget bureaucratic and luxury boutique.

A welcoming note

This can occasionally be found in Marriott Hotels – ask your housekeeping team to leave a small hand-written note in each room they clean. Something along the lines of “Laura enjoyed cleaning your room for your comfort today – we hope you enjoy your stay with us, and we look forward to welcoming you again soon”. Small, but personal and welcoming. Laura might even find herself with extra tips.
Along the welcoming note, upon check-in, make sure your reception team ask guests if they have a pillow of preference (this one, perhaps, is more atoned to luxury or boutique hotels opposed to bureaucratic operations). It’s easy to forget that some guests are allergic or uncomfortable around feather or duck pillows.

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