3 Essential Guidelines To The Art Of Customer Service

In the world of hotels, customer service is (arguably) more important than in any other. One bad guest-employee experience, and the likelihood that guest will return is virtually 0. On the flipside, a positive experience may see the guest boast about it to their friends and family for months to come. Let’s outline three key guidelines to successful customer service in hotels of nearly all types, sizes and budgets.

Taking the extra proverbial mile

Taking the extra proverbial mile may seem obvious, and may seem expected in the hotel industry, but so often, employees lack the inspiration or motivation to do so. Simple, quick procedures can be added to provoke that inspired guest experience. Take the step to ask guests if they’d like their boarding card printed, ask beforehand if their stay is for a special occasion, and remember their name (calling them Mr/Mrs x) will make them notice the extra effort.

A prepared welcome

Have you ever turned up to a hotel and been the first to say “hello” at reception? It’s not the best start. Make sure your team have prepared what to say. “Welcome to x” is simple, but continue to ask about their journey and if they need any assistance in their city. Avoid personal questions, but make them feel welcome and at ease.

That surprise element

The surprise element is an extension of taking the extra proverbial mile. A positive surprise will increase the chances of guests sharing their stay with friends and family. It will encourage the chances of them sharing their time on social media and should, at the least, put a smile on their face. A chocolate on the pillow is nice, but try calling them before their departure with a small local gift, or a simple “thank you for staying with us”. If they have airport transfer, call the car during and ask if they require anything upon arrival. These small, thoughtful touches go a long way.

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