3 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stand Out

Particularly useful for independent, boutique hotels, making your hotel stand out is a continual aim. Even branded hotels with no element of luxury or specific USP should aim to be different. Here are a few ways to help.

A special welcome

Unique welcomes are the perfect way to kick off a guest’s stay. Special surprises combined with the excitement new guests often face increases the chance of guests sharing their experiences, or eagerly returning.

Try delivering some delicious cake, a homemade treat, or a glass of champagne as they check-in. Implement cultural elements, such as a local delicacy, where possible.  

Exceptional service

Often the most memorable hotel moments come from superb service. Integrate specific standards within your team so your service standards are set apart from the rest.

Make sure each guest has a hand-written welcome note, ensure concierge knows the nooks and cranny’s of your location, and take each stage of the guest experience to the next level – is Wi-Fi available in your airport transfer cars? Do guests get a call when in the car asking for any specific requirements and welcoming them? Do your team call guests by their name?

That element of surprise goes a long way in setting your hotel apart, and keeping you ingrained in guests’ mind, encouraging repeat reservations.

Special element to each room

Add a special feature to each room, each guest experience.

Maybe it’s a new theme to each room, a hidden area in your top suite, free tickets to a local attraction in your city, a story behind the history of each room written down as you arrive, or the history of your hotel’s building. Unique elements in your room can help natural, free PR, and always helps in getting people talking. Think of what is unique in your property and utilise it. 

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