3 Ways To Give Guests A Terrible First Impression

Naturally, you do not want to give guests a bad first impression. From the moment guests, or prospective guests, enter your hotel, they ought to be wowed.

Many hotels, unfortunately, fail to deliver on this and leave guests with a sour taste before they’ve even checked in. First impressions are key (not just in the dating scene), and you never know who might provide future business, so here’s a few tips all hotels should be utilising.

A clean exterior

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your home-from-home, and seeing a disgusting exterior in desperate need of a face-lift. A dirty exterior will put off potential guests or local business before they step foot inside.

Make sure your designated smoking area is not right by the front door, there is no litter on your doorstep, and all ornaments, flags, signs etc., are all clean and in good shape. Further, keep room in your budget for the regular upkeep of window ledges, flower pots, and updating exterior panelling. If your exterior looks poor, expectations are shot instantly.

Keep it fresh

Once you’ve gotten past the (hopefully) immaculate exterior, make sure your immediate interior is looking just as perfect. The entrance rug should always be clean, your floor space needs to be equally spotless, and be sure to keep a form of scent diffuser present at all times. There’s nothing worse than entering a messy, smelly hotel lobby.

Other small touches include the polishing of lift buttons (germaphobes hate pressing clean buttons, never mind filthy ones), and making sure appropriate music (not chart bangers) is ticking along in the background. For an extra touch, keep some fresh water or treats on hand for lingering guests to enjoy.

A warm welcome

Ensure your front-of-house staff are well-dressed, well-groomed, trained to ask how guests how they are, how their journey was, and to (where necessary) apologise for a delayed wait. When check-in is complete, wish them a pleasant stay and be sure to offer any assistance whatsoever. All with a smile, of course! This is a basic requirement of any hotel that’s often unfulfilled. Of course, where bellboys are employed, this level of service is tailored differently.

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