3 Easy Ways Housekeeping Can Make A Big Difference

The old saying ‘little changes make a big difference’ could not be more relevant than in the housekeeping department. Here are three quick, easy, and cheap ways housekeeping can make a big difference for your guests, increasing the likelihood of positive reviews.

Say hey!

Possibly the most common mistake made by housekeeping in hotels is a lack of basic manners when they see a guest. This is also an area the best hotels excel in. Make it imperative that when a guest walks past a housekeeper, the housekeeper is first to smile and say, “good morning” or “good evening”, etc. The number of times I have said hello to a housekeeper without even a response is not good for a hotels’ subsequent review or reputation.

Leave a note

More hotels seem to be taking up the habit of adding a small note to the bed, saying this bed was cleaned by ‘x’ housekeeper. This is nice and adds a personalised touch. One way to take it one step further would be to leave guests a space to write back with any special requests (extra amenities, or coffee, for example). This takes the personalisation to the next level and means housekeeping can appease the guests’ specialised demands easily, increasing satisfaction.


Sometimes you’ll come back from a day of meetings or exploration to happily see the housekeeper has been to clean your room. You may also find, however, that the decorative pillows have been sloppily thrown on the bed, the duvet isn’t tucked as it was when you first checked-in, and the table hasn’t been cleaned. While these are beyond first-world problems, and not a huge deal, having the feeling of fresh even when you’ve been there for a night or two already, is highly appreciated by guests.

Have you ever seen the way housekeeping fold the end of toilet roll? It’s another tiny touch, but it may make someone smile, and at the very least, it’ll make life easier for them than having to unpick a stuck-together batch of toilet roll. You’ll find this in many 3* and up hotels. Why not ask your housekeeping team to take an extra few seconds and do this for the guests?

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