3 Common Mistakes Hotels Make

Our blog is designed to pin point ways hotels can improve what they do, and ensure they avoid common mistakes. Hotels of all sizes and budgets should make sure they don’t make these three common mistakes.

Bad online presence

In recent years, it’s become evident that if you don’t have a nice website with great UX (user experience), you are throwing sales down the drain. We all know that. In more recent years, it’s becoming increasingly evident that if you don’t have a nice social media presence, too, you’re throwing your image down the drain, and hindering potential sales.

It’s amazing how many hotels, both small, budget, or luxury 5-star, have poor social media. It makes their hotel look shabby in a field where the attention is currently facing – social media.

Branding, image, and awareness are all important for hotels, so hire someone (like us) to manage your social media for you, and make sure you have a website which makes booking a stay as simple, and appealing, as it can possibly be.

Grab a broom

No one wants to see a hair on their pillow as they check-in, and no one wants to smell dirt or old food in the lobby or see muck on the welcome matt. We understand it’s hard for everywhere to be 100% immaculate at all times, but, if you’re cash-strapped, ask each of your team to go around the lobby/restaurant area with a brush and cloth every day, cleaning excess dirt, polishing those elevator buttons. It’s amazing the number of hotels which happily sit by with dirty communal areas.

If you do have the budget, hire a ‘perfection officer’ or ‘details officer’ or whatever you want the title to be – someone who goes around polishing the logo sign, straightening-out magazines, and ensuring everything looks spick and spam.

Say cheese!

Ever wondered the corridors of a hotel as a guest, seen a member of staff, and smiled at them – only to get a flat, emotionless face stare back at you? And you then say to yourself, “wait, I’m the guest, shouldn’t they smile at me?” – yep, us too. All too often.

Make sure it’s common practice for all your staff, from the sales manager to the housekeeping trainee, to say “good morning/afternoon/evening sir/madam” with a warm smile. It’s one of many details which go a long way in our world.

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