Anonymous consulting.

To have every nook and cranny of our hotel analysed from the guest’s perspective by an expert hotelier was invaluable. We have since added new revenue streams, and notably improved on our operations and those important small details".”


Secret Hotel Critic is a collection of the world’s best hotel consultants, who conduct their work anonymously to maximise effectiveness.

Secret Hotel Critic is unique for a number of reasons. Hotel consulting is outdated. We increase effectiveness by consulting our conducting our service anonymously, before reporting back with our meticulous, impactful results.

From team friendliness, to website user experience, our team of expert hoteliers critique your product through the perspective of a guest. Each hotel is different, and we consider your goals and standard in each consulting project.

We work with hotels of all shapes, sizes and brands, but have the most experience with luxury and boutique properties.


How does it work?

We invite you to get in touch for a proposal, before we agree on final terms and begin. Within two months thereafter, one of our team will check-in, and compile a comprehensive report on our findings, before evaluating and discussing with your team in person or online. To ensure actions have been taken, we will check back in six months later, to asses improvements.

A brief overview of what we look out for can kindly be found below.

Overall score out of 100 based on the report;
Booking - process ease, perceptions and impressions, reviews;
Property Exterior;
Surrounding grounds;
Reception – staff, checking-in process, friendliness;
Corridors and communal areas;
Bedroom – facilities, comfort, cleanliness and tiredness, décor, noise, views;
Bathroom – facilities, comfort, cleanliness and tiredness, décor;
Room service - menu, quality and service (where applicable);
Concierge & additional services;
Dining or bar area (where applicable) – cleanliness, service, price, quality;
Fitness or health centre (where applicable) – cleanliness, service, quality, facilities, décor, comfort;
Staff – friendliness, attire, professionalism, helpfulness, efficiency;
Online presence – website, social media, SEO, competitor comparison;
Pricing for stay, food & any extras;
Competition – what are they doing and what you can learn from them?;
Where and how to improve for each section;
Concluding comments;
Images of interest and our provided room;
Discounted services from our partners.

We invite you to contact us for a proposal using the below form.

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